Funding the Future

Why the Caribbean

The Caribbean Seed fund is comprised of seasoned and new investors who have a passion to ignite the startup ecosystem of the Caribbean.

Member Managed

Members of the Caribbean Seed Fund not only invest their money, they invest by giving a slice of their time to help a portfolio of startups achieve success.

Funding the Future

Early stage seed funds are a long term investment into the startup ecosystem of an entire region. The Caribbean Seed Fund is investing for the long term!

About us

For the first time in the region, the Caribbean Seed Fund is seeking to bring together US and Caribbean based investors for a new kind of early stage seed capital fund. One that is managed by its members. Everyone plays a part. Everyone gives of their time and network.

Talk to us

Want to know more about the Caribbean Seed Fund, how to get involved, or how you can help? Drop us a line!